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Entries tagged Privacy


Overcoming the Hype: Blockchain and the Path to Adoption

Blockchain technology will change the way society shares information. The good news is that introducing blockchain or distributed ledger technology need not be a major disruptive event. While some innovations do, in fact, require major overhauls of existing legacy systems, this is not a requirement to adopt blockchain technology. Enterprises are c…


Transaction Privacy in Distributed Ledgers

Written by: Adjoint Co-Founder and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Maintaining privacy is the most difficult technical issue with any distributed ledger. The fundamental promise of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the ability to construct self-reconciling workflows between untrusted participants that maintain integrity across all participants so that a “golden source of truth” can be maintained i…

 - Magdalena Ramada Sarasola

An interview with Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, Willis Tower Watson

Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers in Insurance

Critical insights on the potential of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for the Insurance sector are explored in an interview with Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson, Magdalena Ramada Sarasola Adjoint: Can you first tell us about your professional background? Magda: I have been a senior economist at Willis Towers Watson for …


SoftServe and Adjoint Deliver the Future of Blockchain in FinTech

New Partnership to Bring Financial Sector Unmatched Security and Scalability for Mission Critical Blockchain Applications

SoftServe, a leading digital consulting company, today announced its partnership with Adjoint, a developer of distributed ledger technology to accelerate automation through smart contracts and improve transactional privacy and security through blockchain in the financial and commodities industries. Adjoint’s Uplink is an open source platform…

Does my business require a distributed ledger?

Distributed ledger technology applications are a particularly interesting topic for a wide variety of applications. But despite this, there is a significant amount of noise and misdirected interest. The technology, while revolutionary for some applications, is not suited for every use case. The selection criterion we use at Adjoint is best distille…

Distributed ledger technology - A disrupting technology of trust

One of the main topics key executives have to deal with in our current business environment, notably in the financial industry, is the revolution created by the blockchain/distributed ledger technology. They notably have to understand: “how is blockchain/distributed ledger technology going to disrupt their industry and how can their company t…