A comprehensive toolset built specifically for enterprise developers and technical administrators.

Adjoint X Suite™

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X Suite™ enables the deployment and management of Adjoint Uplink™, our smart Distributed Ledger Technology, as well as the contruction of Smart Contracts, using both Financial Core Language (FCL) and Financial Workflow Language (FWL.) The toolset is comprised of powerful modules that enable off-the-shelf and custom creation of smart contracts, identity management, asset control and robust reporting.

Adjoint X Suite Quick Start Library™

Adjoint X Suite Quick Start Library delivers a comprehensive library of standard financial smart contracts ready to go. Each template has a number of parameters and workflows built right in and can be up and running quickly with minimal customization. X Suite Quick Start library includes a variety of smart contracts including:

  • Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Fixed Rate Bonds
  • Put and Call Options (American, European, Asian)
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Credit Default Swap
  • Catastrophe Reinsurance Swap
  • Henry Swing Swaption
  • Contracts for Difference
  • Base Contract for Sale of Natural Gas
  • Forwards/Futures and more

X Suite Quick Start Library also provides template forms for non-developers to interact with Uplink smart contracts that are already deployed on the ledger. These templates can be easily further customized.

Adjoint X Suite Report™

Adjoint X Suite Report provides dynamic construction and usage of the Adjoint Uplink proprietary query language to query on-ledger activities and transactions to construct reports with export functionality (CSV). X Suite Report can be used to provide robust data on a number of different events, for example, to report on cash flow events of a particular set of on-ledger deployed Uplink Smart Contracts. X Suite Report can link data via APIs (for example: Tableau) for easier data manipulation and report outputs.

Adjoint X Suite Create™

Adjoint X Suite Create™ provides enterprise developers with the ability to construct and compose Uplink Smart Contracts using Adjoint Financial Workflow Language(FWL). Key features include the ability to easily and dynamically compose contract logic, as well as live syntax error highlighting, along with the ability to simulate contracts before deployment. X Suite Compose also creates contract template forms so that non-developers can instantiate and deploy Uplink Smart Contracts and the ability to interact with on-ledger deployed Smart Contracts on the Uplink ledger.

Adjoint X Suite Asset Manager™

Adjoint X Suite Asset Manager enables administrators to create, circulate, transfer, and revoke Uplink Assets, as well provides access to the monitoring dashboard of all on-ledger transactions and failed transactions. Organizations can customize assets to be anything of value.


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