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The Trust Economy and its Potential Impact on the Future of Financial Services

Hosted by Babson during Boston FinTech Week, featuring Adjoint Co-Founder and CEO, Havell Rodrigues

Join us as we wind down Boston FinTech Week with this critical
discussion. To those entrusted with building for the future of financial
services, the paradox of today’s hyper-connected society lies in its
inverse relationship with trust. Just as technology enables increasing
and superior access, transparency and experiences, individual levels
of trust in the financial services sector is waning. With this change
comes an opening for new financial products, new entrants and new
(digital) currencies all likely to shift the status quo. We will bring
together a distinguished group of Financial Services executives to
contemplate how this shift is altering the future of the financial
services industry.

Friday, September 14 at 12 noon
GSV Labs | 2 Ave de Lafayette | Boston, MA