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IMN Total Alts 2018

Adjoint's Insurance Lead, Richard Magrann-Wells, to speak on panel - Crypto in the Corporate Treasury: A View of the Future

Adjoint, a blockchain company that specializes in solving complex problems in enterprise environments, announced today that the Insurance Lead, Richard Magrann-Wells will participate on a panel discussion titled "Crypto in the Corporate Treasury: A View of the Future". Richard will be speaking alongside Sean Bill (Trustee, City San Jose Police and Retirement Plan), Jeff Grabow (EY Ventures), Will McDonough (Founder & CEO, iCash) and Matthew Goetz (Managing Director & CEO, Blocktower).

About Richard:
Richard Magrann-Wells, Product Sales Lead  id: 1 Richard Magrann-Wells

Richard Magrann-Wells is the Product Sales Lead for Adjoint.  Prior to assuming this role, he served as Executive Vice President of the Financial Institutions Group for one of the leading global risk advisors. Before entering risk advisory, Richard had a successful 25-year banking career. He has managed sales, trading and structuring teams for some of the biggest financial institutions. He previously held senior positions with Willis Towers Watson, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo and Citibank, focusing on such areas as risk management, foreign exchange, syndicated loans, capital structuring and emerging markets. A regular contributor to financial publications, Richard writes about financial technology, blockchain, and the future of finance.

About the Event: 

IMN is excited to return to the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, September 6-7, for Total Alts 2018, and we are happy to continue to be the mirror for a changing and dynamic industry as we include new voices and timely investment opportunities.
2018 has been a heady time in the markets, with interest rates in a rising trend, volatility creeping up and international relations taking unexpected turns. Adding to the narrative of unpredictability, cryptocurrencies have become front and center for investors.
Total Alts reflects the realities of an unpredictable market, investors’ evolving interests and provides the ideal backdrop for market participants to debate the shape of things to come.
This year’s sessions fall under two categories: Alpha Strategies and Alternative Innovations, with each reflecting the robustness and diversity of the ever expanding alternative investment industry.

Alpha Strategies focus on how investors can generate returns in the public markets. Sessions include: Three Cheers for Vol!,  2018, 2019, 2020: A Near Term Outlook on Credit Investing  and  Risk & Return: Using Niche Investments to Generate Alpha.

Alternative Innovation takes a closer look at today’s most discussed (and often misunderstood) investment opportunities and aims to give investors clearer and more actionable insights. Sessions include: Beyond Bitcoin Futures: Welcome to the Mainstream, Invest & Build: Lessons for Entrepreneurs & VC’s and ICO’s & Funding: Trends & Outlook.

Presentations taking place on our mainstage merge these two themes in recognition of the increasingly fine line between mainstream investments and their abstract counterparts.