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BU Questrom TechConnect Conference 2018

The Future of Money


Please join us on February 16th for the annual TechConnect conference where we will gather experts across FinTech to discuss how a new generation of start-ups and established enterprises are improving financial services, cutting costs, and transforming the business world through technology.


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Sample Speakers Include

Susan Pandy Ph.D.( Director of Payment Strategies, Federal Reserve of Boston)

Dan Temkin (Co-Founder Legal, First Blood)

Navroop K. Sahdev ( Research Fellow, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies)

Havell Rodrigues ( CEO, Adjoint)

Alin Tomescu ( PhD Candidate, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

Jamie Goldstein ( Founder and Managing Partner, Pillar.Vc)

Michael Sullivan (Co-Founder/CEO - Real Estate Chain)

+ State Street lunch and learn