The Adjoint Difference

Adjoint empowers enterprises to achieve new levels of efficiency and control by delivering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) built specifically for the needs of the financial industry. With security and privacy at the core, our products are specifically designed to improve the reconciliation of data between employees, departments and companies.


Today’s biggest enterprise challenges are ripe for the right DLT approach. Here at Adjoint, we’ve turned opportunities into industry-specific innovative solutions. Ready to learn more about how Adjoint can empower your organization?


Our Technology

Adjoint Uplink™

As part of our ongoing commitment to the open-source community, Adjoint offers an open-sourced private permissioned distributed ledger for multi-party workflows. Take advantage of Adjoint’s easy to use smart contract language to create correct-by-construction Smart Contracts and use our SDKs to integrate existing systems or create end user applications.

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Adjoint X Suite™

Adjoint X Suite is the comprehensive toolset built specifically for enterprise developers and technical administrators. Use Adjoint X Suite and our Quick Start Library of standard contracts to get started, including user administration, permissioning, key management, reporting and more. 

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Getting Started is Easy.

From scope to roll-out in less than 12 weeks.
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Scope your project leveraging ready-to-be-deployed Adjoint products for your industry, giving you maximum speed and ROI. Timing: 3-6 weeks



Reflect user feedback and prepare the pilot for rollout.
Timing: 4-8 weeks



Staged expansion to cover more users and features.
Timing: 5-12 weeks

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